We devise solutions to maximize your business efficiency

Over the past decade, we have mastered the art of creating websites that innovate, engage and deliver results through a combination of human-centric approach and development ingenuity. Hire top web developers to make your dream a reality.

Be it custom Web applications development and SaaS platforms, ecommerce website development or informative lead generation sites, our value proposition, when it comes to web development, is to build solutions by prioritizing the context and needs of the end-users, ensuring meaningful results. Enterprise or small business web development, we strive to deliver remarkable results being an award winning web development company, with presence in the USA.

Follow the standard principles and techniques to deliver scalable web applications

Deliver the right user experience for all screen size and device resolution.

Ensure complete security of your website against any kind of attacks.

We take pride in developing enterprise web services and small business web solutions to meet your specific needs. Smart choices of latest technologies and deployment of standardized coding frameworks, help us ensure that our processes and solutions are scalable and future-proof, enhancing the user experience.

  • Establish detailed idea about the business goals and objectives
  • Understand the target market and competitive landscape
  • Understand and document clients’ design and branding preferences

Define the project plan

Define the branding guidelines of the project

We assist you to develop content strategy and user acquisition strategy

We craft your corporate branding and start designing the user interface on the approved wireframes making it completely customer-centric

Mobile, Tablet, Web-specific UX

Get all UI designs approved and confirmed

Build your website’s front-end to match the beautiful designs we’ve created

Create intuitive backend that you can easily manage and cater to requirements for API integration

Set up a 2-3 week frequency for milestones/sprints and involve stakeholders review in each sprint

Test each milestone/sprint, report and resolve defects and retest.

Quality release signoff followed by final demo of the sprint for approval

Regression testing after each sprint to ensure proper functioning of the previously approved sprints

The agile approach makes it intuitive for users to achieve their objectives and easy to recall on subsequent visits. Our designers work with developers to make the attributes stand out by turning the usability to the max.

John Smith

John SmithCEO & Founder - Okler