Email Marketing Management & Strategy

We understand the value of our clients’ investment. Our clients routinely tell us that their 1st party owned database of email subscribers is their most valuable investment. Additionally, our clients understand that the success of nearly all of their marketing campaigns rely on email to achieve positive ROI for those additional channels.

Executing through email to persuade a conversion, retain customers, re-engage cold conversations and drive additional/repeat purchases are crucial to our customers’ businesses. Optimizations to these initiatives funnels additional dollars to future marketing and makes additional channels viable.

Technical Integration

Full Service Email Management

Subscriber Onboarding & Welcome Series

The perfectly timed personalized email is worthless if it doesn’t reach your subscriber’s inbox. While all of Rajinfosys's marketing efforts are designed to prevent inboxing concerns across the board, many of our clients have initially come to us looking for assistance resolving various levels of deliverability concerns.